Wedding Photography – the long haul…

Just the other day I stumbled across a sheet of old BW Negatives – holding them up to the light, I was stunned to see that they were the very first wedding photographs I shot.

The wedding was in London on the late Queen Mothers Birthday  – August 4th 1990. For any photographers reading this it was shot on either an Olympus OM1 or OM2 with a little Carl Zeiss (Jena) 28mm lens and the film used was Ilford Xp1. Xp1 was a clever little fella you processed in C-41 chemistry. Basically the same as colour film so you could drop it off at any colour lab and get the negs back fast without the hassle of a spell in the darkroom.

23 years have passed since I shot this…

I’m a little older.

Have a lot less hair.

Not sure I’m any wiser.

I have a lovely wife of my own and 2 lovely children.

But I still get a buzz at every wedding I’m lucky enough to shoot….